Exclusive residential district in Mejiro 3-chome located just a few steps away from Mejiro Street. Former residence of the Owari Tokugawa family.
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Address: Mejiro 3-chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Do you know Tokugawa Village?

Mejiro is one of the most exclusive residential districts in Tokyo. It is popular due to being a quiet, refined neighborhood. Tokugawa Village is situated on the site of Marquis Yoshichika Tokugawa’s residence, the very residence that made Mejiro a prestigious district to live. The Village is filled with cherry blossoms in spring, the leafy shade of tall trees provide respite from the heat in summer, the Village is colored with fallen leaves in autumn - a rare sight in an urban area, and offers a beautiful spectacle in winter when it snows. This 2.3-hectare (7,000-tsubo) property, where you can enjoy birds singing, contains 33 elegant houses with gardens, parking, maid rooms, and other facilities.
Mejiro and The Owari Tokugawa Family

The Owari Tokugawa Family

“Tokugawa Village” - A Surprisingly Quiet and Green Oasis in a Metropolitan Area.

Large houses with gardens nestled in the shadow of tall trees in Tokugawa Village.

This quiet and somewhat exotic place in the heart of Tokyo is home to many diplomats, ex-pats of major international companies, and their families.

Location Map
We’ve built a good relationship with our neighbors. We throw a block party when new residents move into the Village and on other occasions, and enjoy a picnic together in spring when the Village’s cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

  • Children playing on the Village’s private road
    English, French, and other languages are spoken in the neighborhood. You can hear children saying “OHAYO” (“good morning” in Japanese) on the street in the mornings.
  • BBQ Party
    The Village has a communal atmosphere where the residents enjoy the seasons together by having BBQ parties, and Halloween parties, etc.
  • Resident’s Pets
    The private roads are safe with light traffic and suitable for walking dogs. Please consult with us if you wish to move into the village with your pets.
  • The Village is filled with
    cherry blossoms in spring.
    To maintain the beautiful landscape of Tokugawa Village, blessed with greenery and tall trees, we have contract gardeners and cleaners who regularly look after the trees and clean the streets.
  • Village’s Private Road
    Tokugawa Village is a private area with large 6-m wide private roads.
  • Security
    Security cameras have been installed at the entrance to the Village and due consideration is given to residents’ privacy and security.
  • Trees in the Village
    Cherry trees, quince, ginkgo trees, dawn redwood, and many other trees add color to Tokugawa Village.
  • Disaster Prevention & Fire Hydrants
    For disaster prevention purposes each house is equipped with a fire extinguisher and fire hydrants and hoses and AEDs are located in the Village.
  • Village’s Garbage Containers
    The Village has its own garbage containers enabling residents to dispose of garbage at any time.
We are extremely satisfied with the support we receive from the maintenance company. We can explain at ease our requests about our house and living arrangements  to maintenance crew with ears to listen.

Mejiro and The Owari Tokugawa Family

The Owari Tokugawa family moved to Mejiro in November 1932. Marquis Yoshichika Tokugawa (1886-1976), the 19th Head of the Owari Tokugawa family, purchased the land in Mejiro from Viscount Yasumochi Toda (1889-1948) in 1930 and asked the architect, Jin Watanabe (1887-1973), a friend of Yoshichika, to design his house because his wife did not like the landscape view from their old house in Azabufujimi (the current French embassy) after many chimneys were built in the neighborhood.
 The property included a western-style building designed by Jin Watanabe and a Japanese-style building that was relocated from Azabufujimicho. The large garden located to the south featured a Kannon-do Hall and a tea ceremony house. To the west was the Tokugawa Biological Institute (closed in March 1970) and the Hosa Library (granted to Nagoya City in April 1950, its history research center is now called the Tokugawa Rinsei-shi Kenkyujo) established by the Tokugawa Reimeikai Foundation. There were also facilities such as a glasshouse and a hall. The hall was used to hold concerts and show movies to entertain guests visiting Yoshichika from both within Japan and overseas. The town council used the hall to hold entertainment shows. The site was surrounded with greenery, and there was no peripheral wall enabling those living nearby to walk through the area.

Main Residence

  • photo
  • photo

Family Photos

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Visitors from Abroad

  • photo
    Send-off Party for Ms. Nejiko Suwa who was going to study abroad
    - with the Belgian ambassador and his wife.
  • photo
    Helen Keller touching a garden lantern
    (in the garden of Owari Tokugawa Family’s house in Mejiro)
  • photo
    Guests from embassies

  • photo
    Foreign students stayed at the main residence 1
  • photo
    Foreign students stayed at the main residence 2


  • photo
    Bride from a branch of the imperial family
    (Groom Yoshitatsu & Bride Princess Asaka Kiyoko)
  • photo
    Concert at the hall (the conductor is Yoshitomo Tokugawa who later became the 20th Head of the Owari Tokugawa family)
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